Face Reading and Nose

Shape of Strong Ladies


The country is always ruled by Big noses womens like Late Smt Indira Gandhi, Smt. Sushma Swaraj , Smt. Smita Irani, Smt. soniya Gandhi , Smt Chandra Kocchar, Smt. indira Nooyi Late Smt. jaylalita ,Sushri Mayawati etc


Big noses:

If you think that your big nose makes you look bad or if you don't really like its shape then cheer up because according to face reading your big nose can help you leave a better impression!

People with big noses hate receiving orders and like being their own bosses. They don't like doing small tasks and prefer making bigger contributions than others. That's why these people will hardly ever be your bar tenders or your receptionists. People with big noses like to move higher in ranks and may fight for them.


People with big noses get bored easily from systematic and repetitive work. If you are a manager then handing off donkey work to these people would be a great mistake.


The nasal bridge is the part which is between the nasal cartilage and forehead where the nose started , so when the nasal bridge is high the it show strong character of lady or her strong will power , as like Late Smt Indra Gandhi , and depressed bridge shows lack of will power .


A part from this you may also know some more types like :


Small noses:


A person with a small nose does not have problems dealing with repetitive and systematic work. You are most likely to find secretaries and people who work in similar jobs having small noses. Of course they may get bored of routine work but not as fast as a big nosed fellow will.


Eagle nose: 

The hooked nose or one that looks like the eagle's hook from the side view is one i am talking about. A person with a nose like this one has the same characteristics as that of a big-nosed person but with a bit of exaggeration. To get along with such a person make sure you respect him and make him feel important.


The helper's nose:


If, from the side view, the nose is concave with a round tip, then this person has a helper's nose. He is called the helper because he has a natural tendency to help others. He may join charity groups for the satisfaction he feels when he does these kinds of activities. The only draw back is that he is sometimes taken advantage of by his friends.



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