Women are meant to be loved, not to be understood." - Oscar Wilde


And this is true. No matter how hard you try, it is not easy to understand a woman. Complex, yet the best creation of God.


Today's woman is leading a life which is catering to various domains starting from family to profession to social arenas and lot more. She performs multiple roles while being in a single body.


But in essence, what is the real role of woman here on earth? Is it to be a successful professional or a prominent leader of a country as we all insist on gender equality? Is it just to get married? Have children? Or just be the creation of God and be the motivating engine and facilitator of life here on Earth.


Just like a cat is said to have 9 lives, we will discuss 9 prominent roles, the woman of today leads her life into:

Daughter ,sister ,friend mother ,wife ,daughter in law, mother in law grandmother, professional.

Although in Homoeopathy  every medicine having  different broad shades of mental  drug picture but some remedies are predominantly considered as female remedy due to its more prominent Shadow of female nature over other mental characteristics.

 Qualities of female like ambitious ,perfectionist self-centered, loving caring, affectionate helping ,selfish , haughty, strong leader .

With all these qualities of female there are different remedies which considered as female remedies .

Here in this blog I am discussing few of the MEDICNES with their Prominent SHADE over other qualities..



Phosphorus lies in Group V of the Periodic Table, next to Silica and Sulphur,and is closely allied to these two remedies. It is a tubercular remedy.The main feeling of Phosphorus is of being unloved and uncared for, to which the patient reacts by being affectionate, friendly and sympathetic in the hope that this love and care will be reciprocated ("Affectionate, returnsaffection"). He must be sensitive to the feelings of others to win theiraffection.

The effort of Phosphorus therefore is in the direction of caring for others,being sympathetic to them.

Phosphorus has wide ranging sensitivity and reactivity. He is sensitive to all emotions - anger, fear and grief, and has the unique symptom: "Hot flushes from excitement". He feels alone and hence very vulnerable to environmental and emotional factors.




Sepia is an animal remedy made from the ink of the cuttlefish.

The main feeling of the Sepia woman is that she is forced to undertake things opposed to her intentions, to do what she doesn't want to do. It is a chronic situation in which she has been dominated and not allowed to have her way.


There is a feeling of dependence in Sepia. She feels that her body is

disfigured and unattractive, especially to the opposite sex. In order to keep him happy, so that she is accepted by him, she has to do what he wishes, not what she wishes. She feels forced to accept situations against her will,because of her feeling of not being good enough. This makes her miserable and she feels unfortunate.


There is one side of her that says: "Do what you want to do, be independent,occupy yourself." And indeed Sepia likes to occupy herself mentally and physically, she likes brisk movements, dancing, etc. But if she is too independent she will lose her support and will not be able to keep her husband and children happy. The dependence may be emotional and/or financial (fear of poverty). So often she is forced to do things she does not want to This is the uncompensated, failed side.

A successful Sepia is one who is independent right from the beginning. But in various life situations she will be dominated or forced to do things that she does not want to. So there is divorce or separation, or the patients remain spinsters. Many of them also join the Women's Lib.



Platinum is a heavy metal, placed in the last line (period) of metals in the Periodic Table between Iridium and Aurum, and below Palladium. It belongs to the syphilitic miasm..


Aurum is the "King", with his high sense of duty and responsibility. Platinum is the "Queen" - she must carry herself regally, show herself superior.

Everything about her is rare, valuable, spiritual, intellectual. Now she

feels big inside. At the same time, being so special and rare, she feels left out in a world of ordinary people - she cannot mix or mingle with them. She cannot form relationships with other people just as the noble metal platinum cannot easily form a compound. So there is a feeling of loneliness, of isolation - a feeling of being the "Queen", yet of being alone.


There is also the side of Platinum that puts down and holds in contempt everything that is ordinary. She feels she is intellectual and is contemptuous about the instinctive part of man which includes greed, anger,jealousy, sexuality. She is unable to integrate the intellectual with the instinctive: she is noble and therefore above the instinctive.

Once she puts herself in the nobleman's class, she is isolating herself and has to prove herself extraordinary in order to survive. She is above the ordinary feelings and reactions of the people around her. She becomes contemptuous, haughty, ambitious. Sometimes, if these persons are not being given the chance to be big or super-special, they can go into fancies or imaginations of being very big or powerful, of rescuing the planet or destroying it, etc.




Pulsatilla is a plant. The remedy belongs to the sycotic miasm. The main feeling in Pulsatilla is that of softness. It is like the windflower which must bend to every gust of wind in order to survive. Translated into the human situation, it is the feeling: "I will survive if I am soft and gentle, not hard and rigid."

It is as if there is an inner weakness in the Pulsatilla woman which is not able to face the hardness of the world. Consequently, she tries to cover it up by finding soft, caressing, gentle people from whom she can get the tenderness she so badly misses and needs. In a sense there is a kind of childishness, girlishness in Pulsatilla; she remains stuck at puberty and is afraid of even facing men, of facing sexuality.


In order to get the affection she needs, she herself can be very affectionate and caring. She can weep easily, is sympathetic. If she is not able to get ,what she seeks, she feels extremely forsaken, as if alone in the world.


Pulsatilla can be servile, mild and submissive. What is less easy to see is the selfish motive behind it. Behind this affection is greed, jealousy and the desire to get all the attention for oneself.

The patients are always ameliorated by weeping and from consolation even though sometimes they can also have silent grief.



The need for perfection makes Carcinosinum people sensitive to reprimands, and fastidious in every sphere of life to the point of being faultless. But unlike mineral remedies, which merely want order in everything that they do,

Carcinosinum patients often show an interest towards artistic things like music, dancing and painting. They are sensitive to and enjoy beautiful scenery, seashore, thunderstorms and lightning. They show the sensitivity of a plant as well in that, like Pulsatilla and Ignatia, they are sensitive to reprimands and are offended easily.


They can also be sympathetic, very warm and humane, like Phosphorus, but they are all the time striving for perfection - to be the perfect partner, the perfect one for the job, the perfect parent, etc., so they are often ideal for others. Out of this need to be perfect arises an anticipatory anxiety. If they organize a party, it is not enough that the party should get going, rather that everything should be perfect. Neatness and cleanliness simply are not good enough for them, they must be perfect; the furniture should blend with the surroundings, everything should match, etc.

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