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Water - the ebb and flow, rain, rivers, lakes, oceans.

Water cleanses, nourishes and reflects. Water is the element of love, peace, purification, and healing.

Water is flowing, surging, merging, dissolving, sprinkling.

Water is Passive,  Female, it is malleable - it takes the shape of whatever contains it.

Water is unique, being the element of transition between other elements. While Earth materialises by structuring and seeking contraction, Air being the medium of space - free to disperse, Water is the dual flow of involution and evolution, the End and the Beginning, Surface and Depth. In the Genesis creation allegory the waters are divided into the upper waters (Atmosphere - potential) and the lower waters (Oceans and Lakes - actual).

Water is Emotion, the Subconscious, the Ideal


The watery intelligence is sensitive caring, emotional, psychic, artistic. Not being a rational element Water is not easily expressed. It understands things through how they feel rather than what they are.

Water is at its best when feeling out relationships and the way everything interacts with every other thing. Water understands the feelings and emotions of others better than any other element and is capable of great emotional depth and compassion for others. Being aware of the nature of human existence, water can have very vivid personal experiences which tend to overwhelm external experiences. There is usally awareness of the psychic level. While Air is creative imagination which requires some Earth for actualization, Water has the ability to see a possible existence where there was no existence before.


close touch with one's feelings and emotions
awareness of nuances and subleties in the environment which less watery people do not notice
understanding through emotions
Romance, sentimentality, affection, nurturing
excellent non verbal communication
natural inlination towards forms of artistic expression

to be aware of relying too much on hunches
to guard against mood swings, possessiveness and jealousy
to not let the heart rule the head always
to be more practical and less emotional
to be more objective and evaluate things impersonally
to guard against impressionability leading to bad judgement


lack of emotional intensity
difficulty in engaging with others on an emotional level
difficulty understanding the deeper meanings of events and circumstances
frustration when dealing with strong emotional demands of others
quick recovery from emotional letdowns and disappointments
guard against being too callous and cold
guard against appearing too detached and without emotions
listen to and trust your intuition once in a while
exercise more compassion and sympathy with others

Water and Fire Type
Water and Fire

are not the most compatible of elements.

Fire can heat Water up, till it is warm and nice or till it evaporates and disappears. Water will always try and put Fire out. This blend shows a general tendency to express everything emotionally, excitedly, and rather impulsively. There is often a lack of logical, systematic thought and procedure, which results in restlessness, indecision leading to subjective bias. Usually known as an intense personality with emotional extremes subject to big mood-swings. There is a need to learn self-restraint and to be less influenced by what people might think.You function well under pressure and you do best when being challenged.

Water and Air Type

Predominance of Water and Air makes for an "emotional intellectual".

Although this might sound like an anomaly you are very much in tune with both the emotional and intellectual areas of your life. Water gives you feeling and intuition and Air gives you access to the world of abstract ideas. This combination results in your being able to detach yourself from your own emotions to gain a deeper perspective of your own feelings through your intellect.

Your imagination is very active and people might see you as "being in the clouds". Dreams, escapism and fantasy abound. However you know how to tune in to people, and communicate concisely.

Water and Earth Type
Water nourishes and complements Earth, both elements being Yin Passive and Receptive.

Structure, security and survival needs are in the forefront and there might be a deep pre-occupation with obtaining resources and much energy is spent to ensure safety.

Some Water and Earth types show great attachments to traditional values, family, home, job, community. This type give the impression they are deep, serious and self-protective and that others can rely on their stability and resources and because of this they might seem burdened and weighed down emotionally.

Water is all about memories and this type can be too attached to the past and fearful of the present and future. Positive thinking and forming ideals helps.

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