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"Believing in yourself, always stay happy, healthy and positive and prepare for the exam in competitive spirit

Dr Neha Singhal



1. Congratulations Dr.Neha  An All India Rank 1! How are you feeling? How did you celebrate?

Who would you give the credit for your success?

A-- Really amazing and at the day of result declaration I trulyfelt as if I was oncloud nine. This sounds strange but actually, Ihaven't celebrated yet as it was too busy then because of the festivalst then counselling and other important stuff but I will surely celebrate it with my family and friends once the admission process is completed.

See it's like when you achieve something there are always a lot of people who are unnamed but helped you in some or the other way and I have beautiful people in my life be it in family,my friends and my respected teachers who  always supported and guided me in this journey.

2. Can you tell us a little bit about yourself & family?

A-- I am Dr Neha Singhal from Meerut, a BHMS graduate from State National Homoeopathic Medical College Lucknow. After my graduation,I have worked as an independent Homoeopathic Physician at a Pvt homoeopathic firm while preparing for the exam.

3. What motivated you to become a doctor?

A-- [laughs] It was destiny more I guess. My father wanted me to be the one and after a lot of confusion,I have chosen this as I was never interested in doing engineering theonly two good options a science student can easily think of.At least at our times.

 4.When did you start preparing for AIAPGET2020?

A--In August last year,I made firmly my mind that I have to prepare for AIAPGET 2020 and I immediately started to prepare thereafter sincerely and there was no going back since then.


5. How did you balance your internship and AIAPGET preparation?

A--I had completed my internship in the year 2019 and along with that I have started preparing under the guidance of Oriental Classes Lucknow but then I was deviated more towards for opting MHA after my graduation so I have attempted AIAPGET in 2019 but without proper preparations so couldn't get through that year.

This time I had my job so I kept some books there and prepared during the free times and rest I did at home. And in March this year due to COVID and lockdown, the clinic was shut down permanently and since then I kept my full focus towards this exam only.

6. How to prepare for AIAPGET PG?

A-- First you need to be clear in your head about the books you want to study with and whether you need to self-prepare or under the guidance of any coaching classes and which test series you should join or any other doubts you have regarding them. So that thereafter you will be fully focussed on the preparation of your exam only.

There are manybooks I have started with butcouldn't continue with them allso I would recommend you to study these books for sure Turning Point, Kaizen and Success especially volume 1.

You need to learn these books and do their revisiona least2 times more. They will cover your maximum part of the study and for rest do maximum questions as much as you can.I have joined the test series of Homoeoadda and Oriental Classes they both were really good and for the quick revision of allied subjects I have taken ROAMS.


7. Importance of mock test series for AIAPGET PREPARATION..?How Homoeoadda mock tests series helped you?

A--Yes definitely it helped me a lot during the whole process of this crucial journey.Tests and Question-solving 

Is a necessary part of any exam preparation and homoeoadda provided me all these in very efficient way .

The Subjectwise Test papers helped in preparing individual subjects and the mock test papers always guided me about the direction my preparation going through

8- ENOTES & Explanation of MCQ of Homoeoadda mock test helped you?

A--E-Notes of every subject were really appreciable and the way they were prepared in a concise form benefited to revise the important topics of the whole subject in a couple of days.

The Explanation with every answer helped in building the concepts as well  as in Quick Revision of Concerned Topics


9. What was the most difficult subject for you?

Answer-There is no particular subject that I found most difficult as such but in general allied is quite difficult than the homoeopathic subjects. And for allied I recommend to practice and learn a lot of questions you can have from any book or Test Series like homoeoadda  and you need to build very strong base of Homoeopathic subjects to score better marks in the exam.


10. What tips you want to suggest for studying homoeopathic Subject specially Materia Medica

A-- Scoring good marks in MateriaMedica is all about a good memory so  you need to practice and revise all its questions again and again.

One mistake I did while studying MM during the initial days is I tried to learn the whole symptom for the medicine  but you  need to learn the Medicine for that symptom and try to differentiate and learn the medicines based on keywords that are  preculiar to  that medicine. Try to practice maximum questions in not only materia but every subject as it helps you to understand the exam pattern and the manner how the questions are being framed.

Also practising more questions makes it easy for you to memorize the concepts.

11. Any tips you want to share with aspirants of AIAPGET 20 21?

A-First and foremost thing to remember is the only way to study is study. Study daily with consistency and try not to skip any day without studying as it could break the rhythm of your preparation. Take a break at every week or 15 days for some hours and spend good time in anything you like be it good food,music or hanging out with friends and family but during those days also try to studyfor an hour or two at least.

The second thing is Revision which is in itself is equally important and time-consuming so manage your schedule in a manner to include the revision as a part of your preparation.

And about time scheduleI want to mention that try to study for 4-6 hours daily that is enough during the preparation period but during the last few months of exam gradually increase your time of study so that you can revise all that you have studied so far and for me,it was at least 12-14 hours during the last month before the exam.

And rest is believing in yourself always Stay happy, healthy and positive and prepare for the exam in a competitive spirit.

Do great things that motivate you and keep you going through this journey with good hope. All the best.

12- Which discipline/college are you going to choose now?

A-- I am  opting for materia medica in Nehru homoeopathuc Medical College Delhi

13.After PG,what’s next Aim – Research officers,Teaching, Clinical or Govt MO?

A- After PG, let's see what life offers me but I will try to give my hundred per cent to any opportunity that I will get after that. For now no sure plans or any particular interest in anything.

14.  Do you recommend homoeoadda for better preparation for AIAPGET 2021 as an online mode?

A-Yes for sure as it is a great platform for everythingthe exam demands that you might need in the preparation.Homoeoadda has made the journey easier with all its efforts that every aspirant should take benefit of for the wonderful results.

Thanks & best wishes for future @Dr Neha Singhal

Thank you 🙂

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