Why consider homeopathy for mums and babies?


Why consider homeopathy for mums and babies?

There are at least three good reasons.

📌The first is that it’s safe. Although many homeopathic medicines are prepared from plants and other substances which are poisonous in their raw form, by the time they have been prepared as medicines for sale or prescription they are completely non-toxic and they be given safely to breast-feeding mums as well as to children, from the first day of life onwards.

 📌The second reason is that the remedies work by stimulating the body’s own healing mechanisms. That’s not to say the modern medicine is of no value. Quite the contrary. For example, the technological and scientific breakthroughs in caring for premature babies have enabled many more such children to survive those difficult first few weeks. Modern methods of care have also made death during childbearing a rarity in our country.

However, health is about more than mere survival and whilst these advances have undoubtedly been life-saving, other, more holistic approaches are needed to promote and maintain a more comprehensive well-being. This leads me to my

📌Third reason – understanding health and understanding people from a homeopathic perspective really helps us to make sense of not only our illnesses but the health and development of our children.


What homeopathic medicine can pregnant women take?

Since homeopathic medication is safe throughout pregnancy and breastfeeding, it’s virtually a risk-free solution for all of those pregnancy-induced conditions. 

For constipation

• Sepia  – for heavy, downward sensations in the stomach where you experience an ineffectual urge to pass a stool that often looks like large nuts or ‘bokdrolletjies’.
• Nux Vom  – for a constant ineffectual desire to pass a stool, and when you do manage to go, you feel as if you’re not yet done. You may also experience loud, flatulent rumblings after eating.
• Opium  – when there is no desire to pass a stool, but when you go, you produce small, hard, dark balls.

For anxiety

• Arsenicum Album – this works well for anxiety that’s particularly severe between the hours of 12am and 2am.
• Argentum Nitricum – this remedy is ideal for calming nerves leading up to an event such as giving birth. Ideally, consult a homeopathic practitioner who can examine your symptoms and devise a specific script for your symptoms with individualised doses.

For morning sickness and nausea

• Sepia – this helps with nausea especially at the sight and smell of food.
• Tabacum – reduces incessant nausea that escalates with certain smells like tobacco smoke, and vomiting.
• Nux Vomica – helps with irritability of the entire digestive system.
• Symphoricarpus Racemosa – a remedy for when there’s persistent vomiting.

For heartburn/Indigestion

• Arsenicum Album – this helps to soothe burning in the pit of the stomach and frequent vomiting that’s relieved by sipping water.
• Nature Carbonicum – ideal for moms-to-be who have a weak digestive system that’s aggravated by dairy products and when belching and joint pain is improved by eating.

For a runny nose or cold/flu symptoms

• Natrum Muriaticum – this remedy helps to treat the watery mucus that’s associated with sneezing, especially in the morning.
• Arsenicum Album – this is a great homeopathic remedy for clearing a blocked, stuffy nose and minimising the effects of constant sniffing and sneezing.


Wound healing 
Arnica is probably taken by many women after the baby is born as it is good for helping the body to heal areas of bruising.

Breast problems 
Mastitis is a common problem. When it occurs suddenly and the breast becomes red, swollen, hot and tender, then Belladonna might speed resolution of the problem.

  • Hepar sulph- If the inflammation isn’t caught early enough, and an abscess has formed Usually once the pus has formed, the stage of Belladonna has passed.
  • Phytolacca-Cracked nipples can be very painful and really make breast-feeding difficult, if not impossible. When the cracks are accompanied by sharp, shooting pains in the breast when the baby feeds, then Phytolacca may help, especially if the pains seem to shoot out from the breast to other parts of the body.
  • Kali carbonicum -Stitching pain in the breast when the baby feeds in the absence of cracks around the nipples can be helped with Kali carbonicum.


This miserable condition causes enormous distress to babies and their parents. There are no good, safe drugs available, so homeopathic medicines are a great idea. There are two main remedies to consider.

  • Colocynth- If the baby settles a bit when held face down with the tummy supported by the parent’s hand, or if they settle when their tummy is pressed against the parent’s shoulder, then there is a good chance that Colocynth will help.
  •  Magnesium phosphoricum- If these positions don’t help but rubbing the tummy lightly, or holding a warm hand against the baby’s tummy, helps, then Magnesium phosphoricum is more likely to help.

Teething is that other early trial which disrupts the peace of the family sleep. \

  • Chamomilla-The most typical pattern is the baby with a bright red cheek, screaming with anger, who settles when carried around the room. This is the picture of Chamomilla.

Sleep, or rather, lack of it, is a common problem when there is a young baby in the house. It’s important to understand the place of sleep in a baby’s life and not treat this issue as a disease. Initially, babies need a lot of sleep and really only wake for food or drink. They soon start to develop waking periods however and within a few short weeks are already starting to smile in response to smiles and to have periods of great alertness where they lie with eyes wide open taking in their surroundings. Babies cry for many reasons. The physical reasons include being hungry or thirsty, being physically uncomfortable and feeling insecure or unhappy.

It’s always important to check and see if any of these common factors are playing a part. However, in some children, they continue to cry despite the exclusion of physical factors. Colic and teething are common explanations for sleep disturbance that won’t clear up without help.

If underlying reasons of discomfort or pain have been excluded there are a couple of homeopathic remedies worth trying.

  • Jalapa -Firstly, there is Jalapa. This remedy is indicated in babies who are “good all day and bad all night” particularly in those who have a tendency to diarrhoea, or just very loose stools.
  • Cypripedium -The other remedy to consider is Cypripedium, which is indicated in infants who are just alert and active. They wake up through the night and just want fun. They are obviously not distressed, unlike the Jalapa babies who are most distressed at night.

All babies develop at their own rates. However, some babies definitely develop more slowly than others. The slowest ones are usually the rather chubby ones, who sit about without expressing much sense of adventure. These might be kids whose teeth are slow to come through, who are a bit sweaty, and may be constipated. These might be typically Calcarea carbonica or Baryta carbonica children.

  • Note*With symptom similarity ,constitutional prescription gives best results.
  • All medicines  should be taken under proper guidance of qualified homoeopath


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